Fogging Machines

More than 15 kinds of machines are offered in this category. The buyers can select from these machines the suitable ones for their application. The options available are aerosol fogging machine, jet fogger, steel body fogging machine and cold fogging machine. The fogging machine, as the name implies, generate artificial fog that are
dense vapors of the liquid sprayed. In agriculture and gardening, fogging machines are used to distribute the active substance to kill the pest. The best things about using this machine are it takes minimum pesticide solution, distributes equally and does not leave the residue. In greenhouses, the plants can be protected by evenly distributing the pesticides. Mosquitoes in houses, gardens, hotels, restaurants and public installations can be killed.

Key Points:

  • Aerosol fogging machine sprays a formulation containing active ingredients, solvent and propellant. When the user triggers the valve, the actuator is depressed, which releases the pesticides. The fine droplets are developed due to the fine opening and high pressure with which the solution is ejected.
  • The solution can be sprayed in greenhouse or outdoor areas.
  • These ready to use machines are portable. Just add small amount of solution and spray evenly in desired areas
  • The fogging machine also use the mechanism of rapidly whirling machine to break the liquid formulation into fog.
Product Image (Double Tank Fogging Machine)

Double Tank Fogging Machine

Price: 20000 INR/Unit

Dimensions 950x 260x 260 Net weight 6.5kg Power supply Lithium Battery Engine Pipe 70x34 Igniter Lithium Dedicated Fuel Consumption 3 Engine Form Piston type Frame Material Titanium Stainless Steel Engine Pipe Material 316 Stainless Steel Start mode Electric,Manual Chemical tank Capacity 8.2 Fuel tank capacity 2.5 Power 56cc Flow rate 2 Carburator Structure Self-Suction Carburator

Product Image (KB-007)

Jet Fogger

Price: 10000 INR/Unit

Mini Fogging Machine Model KB-007 1 EA / 30 Min Fuel Liquid Propane Gas 600 x 175 x 420 mm Fuel Tank Fog 1.7 Kg Mist 2.5 Kg Semi Fog 1)Mini Mist Fog KB-100 2)Pump Plastic 1EA 3) Shoulder Strap 1EA 4) Manual 1EA

Product Image (Fogging Machines)

Portable Fogging Machine

Price: 26000 INR/Unit

Petrol Driven Thermal Fogging Machine Maruti Make Automatic start diaphragm type carburetor fuel consumption 1.2ltr/hr chemical tank of 5.0 ltr Fuel Tank 1.2ltr dry weight 9.0kg Engine Output 10.5kw maximum output 0-12 ltr/hr along with std tools & accessories. 100% INDIAN MAKE

Product Image (Aerosol Fogging Machine)

Loc Fogging Machine

Price: 7000 INR/Unit

Mini fogging Machine


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